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Manfred Röseler

The Basic Bible course is useful in providing a practical introduction to the Christian life, especially for new believers. It can be put to use in the frame-work of personal discipleship for group or personal Bible study. The entire Basic Bible Course consists of two parts, each with 12 lessons. The following fundamentals of Bible teaching are discussed:

Part 1: Conversion - New Birth - Assurance of salvation - Quiet Time - Church - Prayer - Obedience - Temptation - Knowing and Loving God - Jesus Christ - The Holy Spirit - The Victorious Life.

Part 2: Man, Created in God’s Image - Witnessing for Jesus - Personal Evangelism - Leading a Person to Christ - Discipleship - Discovering and Practising Gifts - Bearing Fruit - The Bible (Origin, Transference, Inspiration) - Bible Study - Communion - Baptism - Knowing God’s Will.

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ISBN: 978-81-7362-574-9

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