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Patrick H. Möller

Weed and Moss Gone Forever

"Ein erfahrener Gärtnermeister und Rasenspezialist schreibt zu diesem Thema, das besonders für Gartenliebhaber interessant ist, Folgendes: Beruflich habe ich täglich mit Garten- oder Hausbesitzern zu tun. Ein riesiges Problem für jeden, der einen Rasen in seinem Garten hat, ist Moos und Unkraut. Ich darf – bedingt durch meine Gärtner- und Meisterausbildung sowie aufgrund vieler Produktschulungen – sagen, dass ich jedem Kunden in dieser Angelegenheit helfen kann."

Patrick H. Möller vergleicht Unkraut im Rasen mit der Sünde und erklärt dadurch sehr anschaulich den Weg zur Errettung durch Jesus Christus. Diese kostenlose Verteilschrift eignet sich besonders gut zum Weitergeben an Gartenbesitzer, aber auch an diejenigen, die "Unkraut und Moss" im eigenen Leben loswerden möchten.

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Weed and Moss gone forever

An experienced gardener and specialist for lawns wrote the following, which should be of special interest to people who love gardening:

lt is my daily job to deal with owners of houses and gardens. Weeds and moss are a big problem to those who have a lawn. Due to my training to become a gardening specialist and attending various seminars where I learned about garden products, I am convinced that I am able to help people that have any problem related to weeds and moss.

From my point of view, the main reason for this problem of weeds and moss is that people either use the wrong fertilizer or do not fertilize at all. Further reasons are the consistency of the soil and the trees and bushes close to the lawn. The analysis of soil samples from lawns with weeds and moss usually shows a low pH-value. The pH-value indicates whether the soil is acidic (value 4-6), neutral (value 6,5-7,5) or alkaline (value 8-10). Usually acid rain and some mineral fertilizers make the soil turn acidic.

Grass grows best if the pH-value is close to 6. A neutral pH-value of the soil can be achieved if soil is analysed and then fertilized with the correct quantity of carbonic lime. A soil with a neutral pH-value contains all nutrients neccessary to allow the growth of healthy grass.

My advice is to fertilize the lawn three times a year with an organic fertilizer. If necessary, in springtime the grass can be fertilized with a soil activator. This activator is especially helpful on very difficult spots of the lawn: for example on underground car parks or close to concrete pathways and walls.

In areas where there is considerable heat transfer, nutrients are drawn from the soil so that weeds and moss can grow. The organic fertilizer together with the carbonic lime and activator allow the soil to recover and become healthy again.

Many people attempt to remove the moss through aeration. This only solves the problem temporarily, because aeration does not change the consistency of soil, it only removes the moss.

Do you have to deal with weeds and moss in your life?

I would like to talk about a different type of “moss“ that we often overlook.

This time I do not mean the plants in the garden, but the “weeds and moss“ as a picture of your personal inappropriate behaviour, such as lying, making derisive remarks, envy and hate etc. Such behaviour makes your “life´s soil“ become “acidic“.

You might wonder why things continuously go wrong. Perhaps people around you are more successful than you and you experience stress and feel the need for recognition. You get caught up in unrealistic dreams, you feel exhausted from your daily work, from anxiousness and worries about your future. You might have quarrels with your family and do not honor your parents. You might suffer from a guilty conscience, as you have not correctly declared your income to the financial authorities in order to save paying tax.

No matter how old you are, you might ask yourself: “What will become of me? What did I achieve in life and was that everything? What can I do to prevent my life from being overgrown with weeds and moss? How can I get rid of the weeds and moss that have already grown in my life?“

How can my “life´s soil“ become “pH-neutral“?

The key for healthy growth of grass is the pH-value. The key to a healthy spiritual life is the person of Jesus Christ. He changes your soil of life like the carbonic lime changes the soil of your lawn. Your inappropriate behaviour – the Bible calls it sin – makes your life become “acidic“, so that “weeds and moss“ can grow. That is the reason why God sent his son Jesus to this earth. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary in the country of Israel.

But this was not the end. Jesus came back to life after three days. His resurrection from the dead is your chance and opportunity to achieve a “neutral soil“ in your life and become healthy again. Jesus died for you so that your inappropriate behaviour, your sins, can be forgiven and taken away - so that your soil of life can become “neutral“.

If you want to get rid of the “weeds and moss“ in your life, you have to confess your sins and get to know Jesus Christ. You must ask Him to forgive your sins and allow Him to come into your life and guide you. The Bible says, that “whoever asks Jesus into his life and believes in him, will definitely become part of God’s family as his child.“ (John 1:12)

Not only will He remove the weeds and moss on the surface, but also the weeds with deep roots, like the dandelion. In gardening these weeds are deleted forever by using a herbicide, which has to be applied by the gardener.

This weed with roots is a picture of your addictions, which you cannot overcome by yourself. If you sincerely ask Jesus to forgive you, to change your thinking and your will and to remove your addictions, I am convinced that He will hear your prayer and will not allow these addictions to dominate and rule your life. For this purpose He died on the cross.

To conclude my thoughts: In order to live a life free from “weeds and moss“ and have “healthy soil“, you need to meet Jesus and invite Him to become a part of your life. If you do that, not only will you be surprised about the positive effects, but also the people around you will notice a difference in you. I hope that you not only have a healthy lawn, but that you will also have a spiritually healthy relationship with God, the Father, and Jesus, His Son. God bless you!

Patrick Horst Möller