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Dr. Albrecht Kellner

Is there a vaccine against war?

Seit Menschengedenken zettelt der Mensch Kriege an. Betrachten wir die Geschichte, kommen wir zu dem Schluss: Irgendetwas stimmt hier nicht! Vorgaben für unser Leben finden wir in den Religionen und Ideologien dieser Welt. Doch funktionieren sie? Wie können wir das Virus in uns besiegen? Erfahren Sie mehr darüber in dieser Schrift!

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Is there a vaccine against war?

For as long as anyone can remember, man has instigated the most terrible wars. If we look at human history, we can only come to the conclusion: Something is wrong here!

And the scary thing is: we do not learn from it! The First World War was unsurpassable in its cruelty and cost the lives of about 17 million people. Young men and fathers of families jumped out of the trenches and stabbed other young men and fathers of families with bayonets, provided they reached the enemy trench despite the hail of bullets.

Only twenty-one years later, it started again. The Second World War ended with the deaths of some 60 million people and unprecedented destructions of entire cities. And now we see the same inhumane picture in Syria and even in Europe. What is going on here?

A mental virus

Wars always start in the minds of some people. They clearly have a mental origin. Is it a kind of “mental virus” that constantly causes this devastating disease of “war”? Is this virus already within us? Many come home tired from work in the evening and watch the news. How does it continue afterwards? Often with some crime thrillers! And our young people spend a lot of time playing computer games. What do they play? It’s mainly about killing! Be it computer games or TV series – so often it’s about murder and manslaughter – mind you: for relaxation!

The search for the vaccine

To stay within this picture: as long as this virus exists, man was trying to find a suitable vaccine against it. This vaccine certainly is not a material vaccine. It must be a vaccine on the same level, i.e., a “mental vaccine”. This comprises two main categories: ideologies and religions.

Religions are generally quite different in their appearance. Nevertheless, they have one aspect in common: religions always provide guidelines for people’s behaviour. These guidelines often include prayers, meditation and fasting instructions, liturgies, pilgrimages and many rules of conduct according to the respective religious norms. Their ultimate aim is to establish peace among men – if not in this life, then in the life beyond.

It is similar with ideologies – such as conservatism, liberalism and socialism. Here, too, it is a matter of prescriptions concerning the behaviour of people. They also aim at peaceful coexistence.

Conservatism is about holding on to traditional values and ideas. New developments are viewed rather critically. Conservatism calls for behaviour that is determined by social traditions, convictions and strong leaders.

Liberalism, on the other hand, strives for a liberal economic, political and social order. It stands for self-determination, from which the behavioural concepts of modern democracy, including free competition, developed.

Socialism tries to mitigate the social inequality that has arisen from this free competition, with the motto of equality, freedom and solidarity. To enforce this, there are also certain behavioural guidelines – in extreme form even up to an enforced levelling out of classes.

However, all these well-intentioned “vaccines” did not bring immunity! Wars continue to occur in increasing numbers and brutality. Important to note: all these “vaccines” are “behaviour-based” vaccines. Based on an idea, tradition or set of values, they prescribe a certain behavioural framework. How effective are these vaccines? They all failed! The wars continue.

The ultimate vaccine

Given these facts, the real question is: Is there something wrong with the behavioural approach? Despite all the rules of behaviour, it seems that the nature of man always prevails. Despite humanistic ideals, corruption and exploitation occur again and again, and despite religious education, fraud and abuse abound. Despite attempts to abolish social ills and to level out class differences, we have witnessed horrific oppressions of entire nations. The Marxist-Leninist “vaccination” cost the lives of about 100 million people.

Does the “mental virus” perhaps consist of the very nature of man? Indeed: if the supposed advantage only appears to be big enough, then lies, corruption and exploitation, oppression and wars abound, in spite of all the “vaccinations”. Obviously, this virus is the ego!

And now it is clear why all behaviour-based vaccines fail: They do not fight the virus at all! They leave the nature of the human being unchanged! Shouldn’t we rather look for a “nature-based” vaccine instead of a behaviour-based one? Don’t we need a vaccine that somehow changes the human nature? Surprisingly, no philosophy, ideology or religion has yet come up with this idea.

And yet: there is a one source of information on this planet that says exactly that. It teaches us: “Unless a new nature is born in you, you cannot experience life as it should be”. Or in another place: “No religious behaviour will help. What counts is a new creation.” And: “I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my nature into you and thereby make such people out of you who can keep my commandments – love, righteousness and truth.”

Now wouldn’t that be the nature-based vaccination we are looking for? But who is speaking here? And what kind of information source is this? The answer is obvious, even if it may be unfamiliar to some: only the designer of the human being can change the nature of a human being.

This is the information of the originator of man and the Creator of the universe!

The ultimate vaccination

But is such a vaccination possible that would cause an exchange of our human nature? This is exactly what this information source claims. But there is a problem: the ego-centered human being constantly violates the aforementioned qualities of the new nature: love, righteousness and truth.

In the vast memory everyone has about all details of his life, these violations are stored under the term “guilt”. Clinging to this guilt would collide with the new nature. Therefore, this guilt must first be fully eliminated.

However, there is a second problem: our source of information categorically asserts that no human being can bring about the elimination of his or her guilt by himself or herself - for example, by precisely following certain rules of conduct or by belonging to an institution. The reason for this is the following: As enormous as the creative power of the originator of this universe is, so unattainably high is his standard. No one can come close to this standard by any human effort whatsoever.

But how then can the elimination of guilt be achieved? In principle, only one remains who could accomplish it: The Creator himself. And that is precisely the central statement of this source of information, the Bible. He does it! How he does it is quite easy to understand. The Creator had to do it where the guilt has accrued: not on the level of angels or animals, but on the level of man. And that means in a human being - who pays the debt in lieu of all human beings. You know it: that happened 2000 years ago. In Jesus Christ on the cross.

How is this vaccine applied?

Given the forgiveness of guilt achieved in this way, how does someone come to a personal experience of it? It is easy: through a simple act of faith. This can happen through a prayer such as the following: “Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you now. I confess to you that I have trespassed against your commands of love, truth and righteousness. Please forgive me my guilt. Thank you that this has now happened. And now come into my life. I entrust my life to you. Give me this new nature!”

It is the experience of millions upon millions of people over the past 2000 years: With this prayer a new inner experience sets in that one did not have before. It is a sense of truth that is often gentle at first, but gradually becomes clearer and clearer: I have forgiveness of my guilt! I have become the being I was meant to be. I have come home. I have found the meaning of life. It is the experience of the unmitigated love of God. And gradually – this is a matter of growing up as a Christian – the behaviour changes more and more in the direction of overcoming the ego. The virus dies.

We have seen: Behavioural rules are not enough to prevent people from inflicting suffering on each other again and again. What is needed is a change in the nature of the human being. The fact that this change is possible and can be experienced concretely is the real meaning of being a Christian. It is not about a religion in the sense that behavioural patterns are demanded of the old egoistic being that it can never completely fulfil. It is the experience of a new nature. That is the effect of this “vaccine against war”. Those who carry this new nature within them increasingly affect their environment with the qualities of this new nature: love, righteousness  and truth. Jesus teaches that this is how we become the light of the world. This maltreated world needs this light! Come to it! It is a simple step: Accept Jesus into your life through the prayer described above.

About the author

I was born in Namibia and studied physics in Göttingen/Germany and San Diego/USA. After working in the safety analysis of fast breeder reactors, I was employed for over 20 years in the international space company Astrium Space Transportation (now Airbus Defence & Space), recently as Deputy Chief Technical Officer (CTO), now retired. I am married and the father of two sons. After a long search for the meaning of life, I found it – to my great surprise – in the true sense of being a Christian. Obviously, it is my desire to pass on this information to all those who are also searching for the meaning of life.

Dr. Albrecht Kellner

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